A Suite of Powerful Products

Hydrofera Blue provides wound care professionals a suite of multifaceted, intuitive, and cost-effective products for a range of wound care needs.

With the same antibacterial and non-cytotoxic properties of its flagship product, Hydrofera Blue’s products are effective in all phases of the healing process, helping patients get back to their lives, faster.  

Hydrofera Blue® CLASSIC

Hydrofera Blue’s flagship product improves epithelialization while wicking exudate and debris from the wound bed. The result is a multifaceted, non-toxic healing environment that kills bacteria and reduces bioburden.




Hydrofera Blue® READY

Maintains a moist wound environment without the need for hydration and has a wear time of up to seven days, requiring less dressing changes. 



Hydrofera Blue® TRANSFER

Tackles wounds with higher exudate, managing absorption of the secretions while maintaining a moist wound bed.

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