When it comes to wound care,

Find new balance with Hydrofera Blue®

Gentle but naturally powerful, Hydrofera Blue® creates a multifaceted, non-toxic environment for wound healing. Hydrofera Blue’s unique capillary action continuously pulls harmful bacteria- laden slough, exudate, and debris away from the wound bed.

This same action helps draw the body’s natural healing agents to the wound, resulting in a balanced healing environment. Safe, effective, and versatile, Hydrofera Blue restores balance and efficiently heals a broad range of patients.

Hydrofera Blue:

A powerful antibacterial wound dressing that utilizes a proprietary polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyurethane foam technology in combination with two naturally occurring, organic pigments.

Putting Patients First

Hydrofera Blue delivers superior clinical outcomes by providing the prime conditions for natural wound healing, so wounds can heal efficiently and completely. Its dynamic range helps in all phases of the healing process and allows patients to get back to their lives.

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Benefits of Hydrofera Blue

  • Natural Negative Pressure
  • Antibacterial Power
  • Biofilm Reduction
  • Improved Edge Effect
  • A Broad Indication for a Broad Range of Patients
  • A Suite of Powerful Products

Natural Negative Pressure

  • Hydrofera Blue balances the art of wound care from clinic to cost while providing a natural negative pressure mechanism to the wound bed.
  • Hydrofera Blue’s potent mechanism of action is powerful and effective; a proprietary capillary- wicking action pulls debris and exudate from the wound bed without the need for gravity or negative pressure advanced healing modalities. This same action helps draw the body’s natural healing agents to the wound for improved healing.

The sponge-like features of Hydrofera Blue’s PVA foam boast impressive absorptive capabilities, showing it can hold 12 times its weight in wound exudate.

Restoring Balance to Clinical Needs

By providing the same wicking benefits as negative pressure wound therapy dressings and vacuums, Hydrofera Blue is an affordable alternative to traditional vacuum-assisted wound closure products.

What is an Edge Effect?15

In many chronic wounds, a problem with slow or absent epithelial edge advancement is caused by a clinical condition known as epibole. Epibole is the rolled or curled-under closed wound edges that may be dry, callused, or hyperkeratotic on the perimeter of each wound.

Percentage of Wounds with Epibole Flattening over Two Weeks:

A recent study found that after two weeks, Hydrofera Blue achieved flattening of epibole edges in 90% of wounds compared to silver dressings, which achieve flattening of epibole in 25% of wounds. 3-6

Underlying Causes of Epibole 15

There are many reasons why the epidermal margin may fail to migrate:

  • Hypoxia
  • Infection
  • Desiccation
  • Dressing Trauma
  • Overpacking the wound bed
  • Unhealthy wound bed
  • Inability to produce the basement membrane that the epithelial cells adhere to, or cellular senescence

Hydrofera Blue has proven resolution of epibole on wound edges by naturally creating a wound environment that is prime for healing through: 4-6

  • A balanced, moisture-rich environment for the wound bed
  • Improved vascularity and epithelization
  • Providing a path for the migration of key healing factors

Presence of Eschar

0 1 4 7 10 13 14


Broads Spectrum Antibacterial Protection


  • Does not inhibit FGF Growth Factors
  • Compatible with Enzymatic debriders
  • Safe and Gentle Broad Spectrum Antibacterial


  • Methicillin-resistant
  • Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  • Staphylococcus aureus

Full List of Bacteria


  • Candida albicans
  • Candida krusei
  • Candida glabrata

Find Balance by Reducing Biofilm

Hydrofera Blue cannot be absorbed by the tissues in the wound bed, supporting uninhibited re-epithelialization, while reducing the burden of biofilm.


The presence of biofilm in a chronic wound presents a barrier against effective wound closure. 8,9 A recent meta-analysis of nine studies involving 185 chronic wounds found that 78.2% of those wounds contained bacterial biofilm. 7 Removing biofilm reduces the risk of infection and improves the possibility of healing. 8,9

Hydrofera Blue manages exudating wounds through its natural negative pressure and may aid in the removal of necrotic tissue from the wound bed. As this action occurs, Hydrofera Blue helps to disrupt the established biofilm.10-13

Hydrofera Blue has been found to aid autolytic debridement activity, making it a lower cost debriding agent, saving clinicians considerable time and labor. 1


I’ve worked with Hydrofera Blue Classic over 15 years.

“I’ve worked mostly with the Classic Hydrofera Blue and it has everything needed for wound healing!! The classic Hydrofera Blue provides wound protection and addresses bacteria and yeast! It provides a moist wound environment, as it addresses swelling in the wound by providing negative pressure, pulling exudate from the wound environment. In my experience it acts like a mini wound VAC. It can be packed and stacked to any wound! I love it!”

– Victoria Rhodes

PAC-MPAS – Phoenix, Arizona

“Our team of nurses specialized in wound ostomy continence (NSWOC) have appreciated having access to Hydrofera Blue. It has been and continues to be a helpful product for the management of wounds with strongly adhered devitalized tissue. Hydrofera Blue has readily assisted with “cleaning up” the wound bed in a pain-free manner. We also have appreciated the versatility in the forms of Hydrofera Blue – as we have found the Hydrofera Blue ostomy dressing helpful with the management of our peristomal wounds. In some instances, for a variety of reasons, patients who have not been suitable candidates for NPWT, Hydrofera Blue CLASSIC has been an exceedingly helpful alternative.”

-Rosemary Hill


15 Years Experience

“I have been using Hydrofera Blue for 15 years and have found it an extremely useful and versatile dressing. It provides antibacterial coverage in a non-cytotoxic manner, exudate absorbency and promotes autolytic debridement. Essentially, everything my patients need in a wound dressing.”

Dr. AJ Applewhite, MD

“You’ve given us our daughter back.”

“She began to move around and act like a child again.”

Joe Briggs

Bakersfield, CA

“Hydrofera Blue is part of my antimicrobial toolkit for wound infection. In our prospective case series study of 29 patients with signs of local wound infection, Hydrofera Blue was able to promote wound healing, improve the quality of granulation tissue, reduce smell, and manage exudate. We are particularly impressed by its ability to remove slough.”

Dr. Kevin Woo


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