Hydrofera Blue Classic really changes the trajectory of the wound.

“Hydrofera Blue Classic really changes the trajectory of the wound.”

According to Peter Noto, Appulse Med Wound Care Sales Specialist in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania region, “Hydrofera Blue brings the wound bed to life.” 

“It’s really remarkable to see the ability of a PVA foam dressing to debride a wound and see the tremendous amount of necrotic tissue that’s removed,” says Peter.

“Hydrofera Blue is extremely powerful, yet extremely gentle,” he says. “There’s no worry about bacteria. The antimicrobial properties are effective against so many microbes. It’s something clinicians can use from start-to-finish, with no worries about any negative effects on the wound.”

“It’s also very cost-effective,” says Peter. “It’s $5-6 for the week, instead of hundreds.”

Peter recalls one instance where a patient with large leg wounds was not progressing with another type of dressing after about four weeks. 

“The clinicians were doing a trial on another product,” he says. They had Hydrofera Blue on the shelf; I suggested that they try it. The whole trajectory of the wound changed in a week. They shared photos with me of how well the wounds were healing. Hydrofera Blue is now their go-to dressing.”

Peter says clinicians find it helpful to use Hydrofera Blue as a bacterial load indicator.

“When you see the foam turning white, you know it’s time for a change,” he says. “It’s a great learning tool for clinicians.”

“When a clinician removes a Hydrofera Blue dressing for the first time–and says “Wow!”–it’s a game-changer for them.”

“And it makes my day.”

– Peter Noto, Appulse Senior Wound Care Specialist

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