Hydrofera Partners with Aroa to Provide Free APPULSE Homecare Protocol for Treatment of Wounds in the Home Care Setting

Manchester, CT (July 7, 2020) Hydrofera LLC, manufacturer of a complete line of wound care dressings, has partnered with Aroa to provide the “APPULSE Wound Care Protocol for Home Health Care” which also includes the Endoform Extracellular Matrix to further aid in the healing process.

With recent changes in the home care setting, this universal line of dressings presents viable alternatives to procedures typically performed in the acute care setting which are not allowed, difficult to manage or too costly for home care, including surgical debridement and NPWT.

Hydrofera wound dressings are designed to address all four components of the D.I.M.E. wound care principles – Debridement, Infection/Inflammation, Moisture Balance and Edge Effect.

Hydrofera Blue Wound Dressings provide autolytic debridement with natural negative pressure and disruption of biofilm for optimum wound bed preparation. Coupled with the dressing’s ability to provide non-cytotoxic antibacterial protection and moisture balance, the results include epithelial migration, a smoothing of rolled wound edges and bring wounds to close safely and effectively while keeping costs down.

The simple application of the dressings can be performed by the caregiver and/or patient in the home.

Visit hydrofera.com/hc-protocol/, or call (860) 337-7466, to request a free copy of the protocol by mail.

About Hydrofera, LLC

Hydrofera, LLC, is the developer of Hydrofera Blue antibacterial wound dressings, an advanced line of wound care products designed to shorten healing times, lower treatment costs and deliver better patient outcomes. The company maintains agreements with every large national medical/surgical distributor and buying group within the U.S. and Canadian healthcare markets. The company’s website is located at:   http://hydrofera.test

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