It’s Something Special

It’s something special.

Evelyn Hicks, MBA, MHA, RN, Director of Clinical Education for Appulse Medical, remembers her first exposure to Hydrofera Blue at the bedside:

“The color was distinctive. You knew it was something special,” she says.

“What I like about Hydrofera Blue Classic are its debridement properties,” says Evelyn. “As we nurses know, the patient does not always want to be cut on.”

Hydrofera Blue Classic is an easy solution for both the clinician and the patient, and it allows the patient to be in control. Many of them have been through so much.”

She also cites the moisture-balance properties of Hydrofera Blue Classic:

“Getting a wound’s moisture balance right can be challenging,” Evelyn says. “The introduction of Hydrofera Blue Classic revolutionized the process. The key to success is the cover dressing:  the wetter the wound, but more absorptive the cover dressing; the drier the wound, the more occlusive the cover dressing.”

Hydrofera Blue Ready revolutionized how we manage bioburden with the up to 7 day wear time ability. Evelyn reminds us that clinicians in certain care settings do not have the luxury of seeing their patients multiple times a week.  The introduction of a non-cytotoxic, antibacterial foam that could stay on for a full week opened up an entire care segment for this revolutionary product.

Evelyn said she also enjoys showing clinicians how the various Hydrofera  products can be used effectively at every stage of the healing process. 

She comments: “When it comes to a dressing, you want something effective, something special. You want Hydrofera Blue.”

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