Why Wait?

“Why wait, when you know Hydrofera Blue works?”

Philip McMahon, Regional Sales Manager-Eastern North America for Appulse Medical, sees Hydrofera Blue as one of the most versatile products on the market.

“It crosses into so many categories,” says Philip. “I’ve seen patients where they’ve tried everything. Then, they try Hydrofera Blue and they see progress. That’s why it has a loyal following.”

Philip says he enjoys educating clinicians–especially those in home health–as to the benefits of Hydrofera Blue.

“The product is so dynamic. I keep up a consistent dialogue with them. It typically takes several patients over several weeks for them to see and understand how Hydrofera Blue works, and the range of the products’ application. There’s nothing as versatile.”

Philip also speaks from personal experience with Hydrofera Blue.

“Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes run in my family,” he says. “Both my grandmother and sister used Hydrofera Blue. I also use it on my kids, and my neighbors ask me for it when they have wounds in need of healing.”

Philip says whenever he asks clinicians why they use Hydrofera Blue, they always have the same response:

“Because it works.”

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