Hydrofera Blue READY-Transfer Antibacterial Foam Wound Care Dressing Approved for Sale in Canada

MANCHESTER, Conn. – September 12, 2019 – (Newswire.com) Hydrofera, LLC, announced today that its Hydrofera Blue READY-Transfer antibacterial foam dressing has been approved by Health Canada for sale in Canada. The Hydrofera Blue READY-Transfer antibacterial foam dressing provides broad-spectrum, antibacterial protection to help manage bioburden, is noncytotoxic and requires no hydration. The dressing features no … Continued

Our Seminal Moment- UPDATE

May, 2019 Kim graduated from high school this spring. It’s a simple statement that’s being spoken by countless parents of girls named Kim this time of year–a major rite of passage for their child on this journey through life. But it’s the people and the back-story that make this Kim and this ordinary occurrence the … Continued

Hydrofera Blue Classic really changes the trajectory of the wound.

“Hydrofera Blue Classic really changes the trajectory of the wound.” According to Peter Noto, Appulse Med Wound Care Sales Specialist in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania region, “Hydrofera Blue brings the wound bed to life.”  “It’s really remarkable to see the ability of a PVA foam dressing to debride a wound and see … Continued


It was 5:30 on a Friday afternoon several years ago that I received a call from a grief-stricken Dad. He was just informed that his 3-year-old daughter had unhealable wounds and was scheduled to have her legs amputated. He somehow heard about Hydrofera Blue and wondered if we could help.

Why Wait?

“It crosses into so many categories,” says Philip. “I’ve seen patients where they’ve tried everything. Then, they try Hydrofera Blue and they see progress. That’s why it has a loyal following.”

It’s Something Special

“Getting a wound’s moisture balance right can be challenging,” Evelyn says. “The introduction of Hydrofera Blue Classic revolutionized the process. The key to success is the cover dressing: the wetter the wound, but more absorptive the cover dressing; the drier the wound, the more occlusive the cover dressing.”

Use of Hydrofera Blue in Neonate case highlighted on WOC Talk Podcast

“Neonatal wound care often presents unique challenges. WOCTalk sits down with Stephanie Furtado to discuss her unique approach to a micropreemie patient born at just 24 weeks. Stephanie outlined her approach within her merit award winning poster at the WOCN Society’s 50th Annual Conference in 2018.”- WOC TALK

It’s Easy.

“By using a Hydrofera Blue dressing with its efficient, wicking action, no surgery was required, and the patient was able to be treated on an outpatient basis. Her pain dropped from 9 to 3 within just two weeks.”

Hydrofera Snob

Pam Achabal, MSN, RN, CWON, is a self-described “Hydrofera snob.”“Hydrofera Blue CLASSIC is a ‘fun’ dressing,” says Pam, who has a dual role in sales and as a clinical wound educator for Appulse Medical for the West Coast of the U.S. “It’s unique; there’s not another foam dressing like it.” Pam experienced the effectiveness of … Continued

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